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Students at Seattle’s Shorewood High School filmed their one-take rendition of Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams” backwards.

Man Powered Party



The cargo container is a metal keg bucket which holds two full sized kegs and 25 pounds of ice. Beer from the kegs run through a 50 foot cooling coil and then to your glass via two taps (made by Shimano and Chris King) which protrude from a wooden bar inlaid with HUB’s trademark lightning bolt.

A large, square rear rack is designed to fit a stack of pizza boxes. Below the rack is a sound system “pannier” with another lightning bolt inlaid wood panel casing and a speaker. The bike sports HUB’s colors, matte orange and black.

This party is entirely human-powered, with the help of nine gears — any more would allow a rider to go faster than would be entirely wise, explained Ross. Sturdy looking disc brakes and chunky tires with full fenders adorn both wheels.

Weighing in at 400 pounds, this new design by Portland, Oregon custom bike builder Metrofiets is intended for mobile partying.

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So glad to see these guys in action again. I remember them from way back when in the old  days of Allentown and the Pirates Cove (RIP).

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

From Bloomington, Indiana. They are doing a short tour with Good Luck soon, so make sure to check them out.
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Killah of Oz


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Recently reformed US pop punk-sters The Get Up Kids have apologised for inventing the most recent wave of Emo bands.

The band that formed in 1995, broke up in 2005 and reunited last year, are also particularly apologetic for being one of the main influences for Emo pin up stars Fall Out Boy.

Drowned in Sound reports that at a recent reunion gig guitarist James Suptic looked at the audience of eye-liner wearing, flicky-haired fey punks and said: “If this is the world we helped create then I apologise.”

He told the website that: “Honestly, I don’t often think about the state of emo. We played the Bamboozle fests this year and we felt really out of place. I could name maybe three bands we played with.

“It was just a sea of neon shirts to us … the punk scene we came out of and the punk scene now are completely different. It’s like glam rock now.”

Commenting on Fall Out Boys’ well publicised admiration for The Get Up Kids, Suptic added: “If a band gets huge and they say we inspired them – great. The problem is most of them aren’t very good. What does that say about us? I don’t know. Maybe we sucked.”

Im glad they are agaist this new ugly scene that has emerged..I am just confused why they decided to reform even though it will never be the same and they will probably not have the same effect on their audiences as they did when I was younger or even those kids before me. I just hope that they at least try to stay true with what they used to represent and dont end up becoming a giant hypocrite

Of course this is good…fucking obvious. Now go listen/download/buy

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